the animal voids series    

The Voidvideos elaborate the Animal Voids' narrative mythology in serialized minimovie form. Cute Voids, Savage Cake, and Shakerag Grillz (the first three installments) all make use of borrowed greeting card animal silhouettes, assorted Internet tasty bits, and landscapes photographed around Sewanee, TN. The next two installments, Spring Voids and River Voids feature animal silhouettes from my drawings in the Animal Voids series. River Voids, Dogshaker, Voidthrobber, and Past, Present, Future include moving video footage: from the frozen Hudson River, Lake Dimmick (outside Sewanee), Lincoln Center, and ferry lights near Chelsea. In Dogshaker I started experimenting with paper targets as a new source of images representing strange human ideas about animals. Finally, in Voidthrobber and Past, Present, Future, you'll see the influence of Swiss papercutting, which I've been studying this summer.

It's tremendous fun producing these little stories using Photoshop, Flash, and Garage Band. For most of them, all the sound comes from my own voice, sometimes humming & sometimes sort of chanting, overtone style. I've also occasionally used the prerecorded instrumental loops in Garage Band- there's something definitely Voidlike about these performer-free sounds.

The links on this page will take you to low-res YouTube versions of all the videos. If you are interested in buying a high-resolution DVD of the Voidvideos, please email me: belette[at]