the animal voids series    

The very small Cakebearer Miniatures (all 5x7") feel like Postcards from the Void. They are capsules of Animal Void habitats: indoors, outdoors, wild spaces, or down home on the farm, always, insistently offering cakes. As wily distractions to prevent from being eaten? As not-food, delicately starving us? As the wildest hallucinations of those who maintain animals exist at our pleasure? All of the above.

It's tremendous fun painting these, and sometimes in mixing up the gouache I find myself grateful for time spent teaching color theory to my undergraduate students. In some cases, the paintings are prompted by specific triggers from my experience, such as the absolutely enormous vulture who came to eat the squirrel someone crushed on my street, or the emus from the freaky farm in the valley. Other times, I am simply thinking about the strange contexts we humans reliably dream up for animals.