himalayan stories series (2010): artist's statement  

I've been interested in narrative structures in painting for a while now, at least since the Cloudmapping paintings and Unless & Until. This summer, while studying thangka painting at Thangde Gatsal near Dharamsala, India, I also spent a lot of time with the amazing Worlds of Transformation catalog from the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art in NY. So many of the stories and storytelling elements of those paintings interested me: vivid accounts of enlightenment, tigers with flaming eyebrows, magic talking rabbits, and fierce deities bent on teaching the hard lessons we don't always want to learn. I made a series of small paintings & some ink drawings, trying to understand & learn from what I saw. Together, these are for me a bank of visual ideas, hand-painted signs hanging in the window of a building I look forward to entering soon...

Himalayan Stories Series:

artist's statement
ink drawings
narrative paintings