the animal voids series  

For the Emerging Artists Show (May-June 2007) at the Spruill Gallery in Atlanta, with the encouragement of curator Julia Fenton, I decided to find out what would happen if the Animal Voids were allowed to proliferate as they so clearly wanted to... I'd never before seen my recent photojournal (Views from the Void), paintings, drawings, videos, and digital pieces all in the same space, and though I suspected they had a lot to say to one another, I wondered what radical inclusivity might yield. When the time came, "Bonanza," said I, armed with a sizeable stash of magnets and a drill. With the help of Emily Glass, a rising senior art major at Sewanee, and John Westdahl, gallery assistant at Spruill, the whole installation went up in two days.

The gallery is in an old farmhouse, somehow spared transmutation into one of a million hideous strip malls in the area. I chose the old dining room for the Animal Voids, which seemed appropriate somehow to the offertory birthday cake procession painted on the walls, though some viewers told me it seemed like a nursery too. Fair enough, and wonderful: I would like to believe such an environment would yield an infant to be reckoned with. Projecting the Voidvideos in the fireplace is a solution which came at the last minute, and which I love. Something new, flickering on the old bricks.

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