the volcano series at ruby green, nashville    

My volcanoes’ bodies are pregnant, farting, sighing, and churning up truth from a boundless substrate of birth and decay.  They are pores, fumaroles, ducts, and muppety Martian holes.  Exhaling, they express the Zen idea of no-thought, always manifesting known-unknown things.  Inhaling, they gather the scattered wreckage of a tired universe.  Indigo skies, watery stars, underground fire, eruptions without disaster in a place both inside the body, and outside time.

The Volcano Series started in the summer of 2005 as a series of insistent interruptions on my landscape paintings of Jacob’s Creek, in New Hampshire.  In more recent paintings such as Volcano Series: Emanation, I have let the creek-boulders go and have devoted my curiosity to exploring the Volcano Realm on its own terms. 

For my show at Ruby Green Contemporary Art Center (May 20th-July 1st, 2006) I am showing drawings and paintings from the Volcano Series in combination with large-scale wall drawings of volcanic forms, similar in methodology to the net-scape drawings in Finding Indra’s Net (Yale School of Art Gallery, 2004) and Finding Vanished Atlanta (Eyedrum, 2005).  In addition, am working with gallery participants to create interactive volcano sculptures which will “erupt” (harmlessly) during the course of the exhibition.

individual images
review by David Maddox in the Nashville Scene