riot/labor/waiting(2011): artist's statement  

Witnessing the Arab Spring from a distance in New Hampshire, I kept thinking of the protestors & how we've been lavishly funding and arming the governments that are now trying to squash them. That in and of itself, paired with current drastic cuts in our domestic social service budgets, should call for protest right here in the US (but largely hasn't). Meanwhile, I've been looking at newsfeed images of soldiers, fighters, refugees, people in prayer, and workers on the margins of the fighting. Seeing these actions through the lens of still photographs - and then translating them into silhouettes - yields a peculiar frozen ritual dance of call and response, which I've further arranged into columns or totem-stacks of figures. They could be pages of ideograms from an old book called War.

These works, originally conceived of as diptychs, might actually work best as single pieces, or perhaps as a Nancy Spero-esque long continuous frieze. They explore some of the same narrative ground as the Rider Diptychs, against a less spelled-out landscape context.


[as individual images]
[as diptychs]
[as a frieze]