recent paintings:

  intuitive landscape
From Beneath, 2003 Scorpion Castle, 2003 Perched, 2003 Gauntlet Tower, 2004 Flying Knot, 2004 Void Leaping, 2004 Encaved, 2004 Platelet Chain, 2004 Purling Mountains, 2004 Fallopian, 2004  
Greensnakesprout, 2004 Half Sun, 2005 Elsewhere, 2005  

Something funny happened when I started teaching drawing and painting full-time: as an alternative to constantly grabbing my students' brushes and pencils with a "lemme show you how it's done, kid" kind of feeling, I started wanting to draw and paint in a much more sustained way.

These drawings and paintings come out of some identifiable strands in my work. There is an interest in intuitive spaces, which also fuels installation environments like Becoming the City that Planted Trees and the Internet Mandala Project. There is also an ongoing love of calligraphic line, coming through Chinese ink-painting (as I studied it in Hong Kong) & also through graffiti-inspired lines that break into the landscape and become entities of their own. These have lately had a tendency towards nets, knots & seeds. Perhaps Indra's Net, perhaps a sense of secret ripening.

All of the work below is made in the tradition of automatic painting: the beginning holds no certainty as to the end; the landscape evolves according to its own rules & to movements within mind within me.