So the completely insane thing about installation work is that it doesn't exist independently from the gallery. I showed up in New Haven about 1:30 in the afternoon the day before the opening, with a half-suitcase full of orange-tipped roofing nails, spike tape, mason's twine, and sticky labels, and met the space in the School of Art Gallery for the first time. It was HUGE, two-and-a-half stories tall, the Mother of All White Cubes, and completely empty.

A lot of singing was the first step to not feeling like I was in a sensory deprivation tank. I then started on the spike tape wall-drawing of the net. Soon my friend Nell Breyer joined me & had the brilliant idea that the net-drawing could extend into 3D space as a twine canopy spanning the entire room, not just the name-space as I'd originally planned.

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