The area surrounding Perimeter Mall used to be pasture land, literally, owned by the Spruill family.  I remember cows grazing there when I first moved to Atlanta in 1967.  I'll bet the DeKalb County office has pictures - ?


The other leads I can offer you would come from the publication called the Brookhaven Buzz.  They regularly publish articles and pictures of "old" Atlanta -- complete with trolley cars and horse-drawn carriages -- and old buildings which no longer exist.


Brad Catherman, Marist class of '74



You're welcome!  Needless to say, you should include historical pictures of Marist's Ivy Street campus downtown which is now a parking lot!!



Hickory House on Piedmont at Monroe.  A movie theatre in Ansley.  If you really want help contact Joan Rauleron She was the librarian here for 33 years.  Tell her I suggested you contact her.  Erik Engel


Woolworth's ACE hardware in Ansley mall.


Eric Engle



Do you remember the life-size Santa and Sleigh at Weinstocks on Roswell Road, the Sears on Ponce, the Roxy on Peachtree, the Dutch Mill in Duluth?  I don't remember the name, but where the Crackers played on Ponce (before the Braves).  Moonies Lake where Broadview Plaza off Sydney Marcus is now.  The Irvindale Dairy with the cow jumping over the sign at I-85 and Piedmont.  These are just a few I remember and miss.


Garland Huff




The Atlanta Crackers baseball team used to play in a field on E. Ponce that was across the street from the old Ford factory (which itself changed into Atlanta City Hall East). 


Stephen Lorys



The Henry Grady Hotel in downtown Atlanta, The Frances-Virginia Tea Room in downtown Atlanta, The Magnolia Room at downtown Riches, The Jersey Ice Cream Store on Highland Avenue, The Highland Theater in Higland Avenue.

Louisa Moffit




Rusty's Drive-In on Peachtree Rd., Piedmont Drive-In Theatre, Wender & Roberts Drugstore in Buckhead.  Fun memories!. 


Norma Nicholson




Loew's Theater on Peachtree....The Crossroads Restaurant near intersection of Peachtree and W. Peachtree....


Harriet Austin



I've been here since 1964

I could probably remember quite a few

Oxford yes

Ardmore books yes

Plaza drugs yes

downtown buildings probably


I remember lots of old landmark restaurants

Aunt Fannie's Cabin

The Coach and Six


Victoria's Station

and lots others

I'm not sure what you're looking for - where they were ?  namesdo you have time for a conversation about it?



Claudia DeLoach



TORTILLAS!  I still whimper myself to sleep at night thinking of the green sauce. 


I'm sure I'll come up with more.  This sounds great. Good luck with it.




Here ya go.


You'll see that the list skews towards restaurants and clubs and my B.C. (before children) lifestyle.


-the Metroplex and 688 night clubs

-the Dunk N Dine on Roswell Road--it's a Caribou Coffee now

-the dry cleaner's that now a LaFonda or Fellini's on Roswell Road.  One of those buildings used to be a

-Turtles record store

-the Omni

-Atlanta Fulton County stadium, and within the stadium, Chief Noc A Homa's teepee

-Atlanta Steel rail yard/dumping ground

-Shootin' the Hooch--I guess the Hooch has too much Polooch now.

-Ogletree's grocery stores

-Limelight & Disco Kroger

-Clarence Foster's


-Harry's in a Hurry stores

-The Masquerade (I heard it was bought by a condo developer, but I haven't been in that part of town for a long time so I don't know if it'll make your project--I hope it's still there.)

-The car dealership at the corner of Peachtree and Piedmont

-the forest, which is now a Wal-Mart/Border's/Cost Plus, etc., on Ashford Dunwoody

-Lenox Square (pre-1996 remodeling).  

-Nikolai's on the Roof

-Hammond Park

-The swamp, which is now a subdivision, at the corner of Windsor Parkway and Peachtree Dunwoody

-the Windsor market on Windsor Parkway

-Dare I say it...The Gold Club

-I'm blanking on the name of the club in Little Five points that was sort of across the street from the Star Bar

-The Fellini's in Little Five

-The old Atlanta Jewish Community Center on Peachtree--now a Border's and condos

-The old Krispy Kreme on Ponce

-The airport prior to the talking trains


Thanks for the memories...



A former Oxford Books employee


p.s.  I'd really like to make the show.  Would it be appropriate to bring kids if we can't find a sitter?



Mike Burns



What about the dunk'n dine dinners  The last one I know of on Cheshire Bridge closed  The one on Roswell Road is now a Caribou The Original Pan Cake House that used to be on Peachtree near Peidmont Hospital



Pushing the cobwebs aside, I came up with these from the 60's/early  70's:

The Fruit Jungle (was on the east side of Piedmont across from Ansley -  it's now a shopping center)
The Catacombs (was on the south side of 14th Street about 1 block west  of Peachtree)
The 12th Gate coffee house (was on 12 Street - or was it 14th?)
The Redwood Lounge (a redneck bar in L5P at the point)
Great Southeast Music Hall (was at Broadview/Lindberg Plaza)
The Film Forum (at Ansley mall)
The Sports Arena and Municipal Auditorium (concerts)

And these more recent:

Klang in L5P (PD's last non-virtual location circa ~1990)
Small Press bookstore (wasn't that it Orb? - was on
N Highland)
Rose's Cantina and 688 on Spring Street
Brother Juniper's (Peachtree)

Jim Demmers



Don't forget the Stein Club.


Lisa Bliss



How about the Riches downtown with the Pink Pig on the roof.  The Pink Pig will never be the same.

The Dessert Place in Buckhead too.



Kimberly Eason-Bullock 



Gypsy Rainbow Dance Theatre.  Klang. The Performance Arena. Hillman Holland Fine Art. McIntosh Gallery. Small Press Books. Underlying Gallery. Untitled Gallery. Highland Gallery. Heath Gallery. Alexander Gallery. Bessie Smith Gallery. Camille Love Gallery. Momus Gallery. New Visions Gallery. Gallery One Eleven. Carlton Cobb Gallery. Municipal Gallery. Blue Rat Gallery.

Fleeman’s Pharmacy. The
Oriental Garden. The Grove. Ma Hull’s. Deacon Burton’s.


am trying to remember if Crystal Britton called her gallery on Baltimore

Place the Crystal Britton Gallery. it was for years the only

African-American owned gallery in Atlanta.


Rizzoli's bookstore in the Omni.


Chassie Post Gallery.



Jerry Cullum




of course, i'm still sad about oxford books  :(


there was this incredible doll museum on peachtree across from the garden hills movie theatre when i was a kid. this was probably 20 years ago. i don't even know what it was called, but it was totally magical to me!!!!


Christy Petterson




Here are a few that go WAY back (I grew up here):

Hamburger’s (sp?) Delicatessen on Maple Drive at Peachtree Road [gone]

Snack n’ Shop at W. Paces Ferry Shopping Center at W. Paces Ferry And Northside Parkway [gone]

Guy Webb Elementary School in Sandy Springs (was on Hammond Drive at spot where GA400 slices through Hammond Dr) [way gone]

The old A&P on Roswell Road at Windsor Parkway (had green and white linoleum check floors FOREVER!) [gone]

The olds Sears store at W. Paces Ferry & Peachtree, which glowed with blue lights at night behind its marble façade [gone]



1. The Stein Club

2. When I first moved to
Atlanta in 1976, there was a used bookstore on P-tree, across from Woodruff Park. Up a flight of stairs.The first time I went there I bought a copy of James Agee's A Death in the Family, and when I brought it home found a four-leaf clover I pressed in the front cover. I don't remember the name of the store.

3. Rich's downtown

4. Sweet Gumhead, a drag show bar on Cheshire Bridge

5. The ice rink at
Colony Square

Barbara Schreiber


Badda Bing
Rich's Downtown
Cafe Diem
The Science Fiction Mystery Book Shop
Houston Street
The West End Library
at Lindbergh Plaza
The Rhodes Cinema
The Screening Room
The Columbia Theater (and its curved movie screen)


Ed Hall



Nexus on Ralph McGill!!!

The Point!

800 East!

Is it too soon to add Echo Lounge to that list? or Art Farm?


Didn't there used to be a Sid & Marty Kroft thing downtown?


I noticed nobody has mentioned Rio Mall?!? Or the previous incarnations of Underground?!? Could it be that these places AREN'T missed?!?

Or the Great Mall of

How about the L5P incarnations of Bridgetown & LaFonda?


Better gear up to add the Masquerade [to the list of vanished ATL] too! It will be gone within a year!!!

What about "virtual" Atlanta - remember the Mattress Factory art shows? I miss them big time! The concept was resurrected a few years ago as "the Big A Show".


Allen Welty-Green



688, The Celebrity Club, Metroplex, Pillowtex, Pershing Point Apartments(Blue Rat Gallery), The White Dot, David Heath Gallery, Klang, The Arts Festival of Atlanta, Rose's Cantina, Tortilla's


Eats and Sweets, The Atomic Cafe, The gas station at Lenox Mall, Pryor Tire, Ace Litrell Hardware, The China Mall,  235 Forsyth Street, 800 East,


Evan Levy or Benita Carr



miss the old MJQ – ever went there?

I guess its still alive but moved.

I miss carpe diem

And harrys in a hurry.

Sharon Haber


Sid and Marty Kroft was in what now is the CNN Center


Kimberly Eason-Bullock

Graphic Design Specialist

Strategic Planning

1060 Techwood Drive, 3rd Floor

Atlanta, GA 30318



The Point in Little Five Points



Julie Stuart



plaza drugs
oxford bookstore
return to
the old murphy's underground
stone soup
will think more....


there was a great indian restaurant in the rio shopping center but i don't remember what it was called but mostly i miss those bizarre creepy frogs facing the giant television blockade there.....
ballroom studios :)
the dessert place
hotel nikko
and others people have listed....
echo lounge
art farm
the wetlands across from city  hall east
the intown sears store

we will be there on saturday night....


Kristin Gorrell



Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom

The Agora

The Scene (with dancing girls in cages)


Leb's Pigalley

The Piedmont Hotel

The Dinkler-Plaza Hotel

Herren's restaurant

Ship Ahoy restaurant

Emil's restaurant

Colored lights in the fountain at Hurt Park

I'm ashamed of myself for not mentioning the Spelling Bees at the Stein Club.

And did anybody else ever see The Chowder Shouters at Frijoleros?


St Agnes Tea Room? Square Table Restaurant?  Zesto at the intersection of N Decatur and Clairmont?

Has anyone mentioned Gazoyks (near the also-gone Austin Ave Buffet)?


Phil Oppenheim




The jazz place at Pascal's was called La Carousel.


Piano Red played at Mulenbrink's in Underground.


On Auburn Ave:

The  Royal Peacock  

The Auburn Ave. Rib Shack

B.B. Beaman's restaurant   


Thanks to a link within [another post’s link] to The Atlanta Time Machine, I was finally able to find a picture of my favorite vanished place, The Peachtree Arcade.


Before it was Lindbergh Plaza, it was Broadview Plaza but before that, it was Mooney's Lake.  They had a cable you could "ride" down into the water.


How about The Stein Club?


Becky Blankenship




turtles record store, plaza

eat your vegetables, l5p

austin ave buffet


the point

the freight room

the white dot


oh and......

clarke muisc

little five points pub


Carrie Elzey




There was the little Italy Restaraunt  on the trianle where they want to put the statue of Andrew Young.
The big Coke sign at what is now  Margaret Mitcheel Sq.

Jim Salle's Records accroos from the tirangle in Buckhead.

The Frances Hotel on the triangle where One Peachtree Ctr is. The Short lived Celebrity Club Classic was located in the first floor.

Nearby don't forget the Domino Lounge in the basement of the Imperial Hotel.

Other cheap hotels-

The Falcon, The Scoville

Bboth were near the Terminal Station. There was also the Union Station.

Regarding Transportation

I beleive there was a calder Mobile at the old  air terminal.


I'm just getting started...



Fun Town on Stewart Ave.

The Heart of Atlanta Motel

Henry Grady Hotel

the ugly round C&S bank building on North Ave.

Back Street- which was Funocio's  and earlier Kitten's Corner

The Playboy Club on Luckie

American Lunch

the Omni

The Municipal Auditorium

Dekalb Farmer's Market on Medlock

Peachtree Quality Salvage

Lion Country Safari!

Dinosaur World near Stone Mountain ( I actually went there)

Sweet Gum  Head

Club Rio

The Top of the Mart


I never went there but there used to be this Fairyland place on highway 41 south of where Cumberland Mall is You used to be able to see a plaster sheep from the road.

More to come..


I have a bit of stuff on a few things such as a brochue for the World of Sid and Marty Croff as well as a brochure for the first Underground.




Annie Keith's

Austin Ave. Buffet

Ma Hull's Boarding House

Deacon Burton's


Nitery Club

Ray Lee's Blue Lantern Lounge

12th Gate


Club Rio

Celebrity Club

TV Dinner



Blue Rat

Eureka Theatre

Little 5 Points Pub

Oxford Books

Emory Ciema

Film Forum- Downtown and Ansley

Pershing Point

Roxy Theatre

Baronet Coronet Theatre

Columbia Theatre


Bits of the segregated Atlanta that  lingered..

Fun Town closed  shortly after integration,

Lake Spivey  of course was also segregated if memory serves me well  they ceased being a public recreation  lake  in the 60's. The heart of Atlanta Hotel was involved in a milestone civil rights case, they integrated but it was torn down to build the Hilton.   Even after 65 there were still a few "redundant" facilities in the dwontown department stores, but they were no longer marked by race.  The balcony does remain in the FOX along with the separate side entrance.


Another notorious  location but of a different sort: The Army Induction Center in the Ford Factory on Ponce. It was fire bombed during  the Vietnam war. Now it's  lofts. But what isn't?



Tom Zarilli



The Cat's Meow, on N. Highland Ave....


Fiona Buttigieg



For Julie P:


No one mentions the Black Culture Spots.

The Neighborhood Arts center

The African Eye on Mason Turner

Pascal's Motel with a world famous jazz room downstairs

Deacon Burton's

Ebon Dooley's Timbuktu Bookstore. Piano Red played boogie woogie in Underground Atlanta.


Ronnog Seaberg




Musik!, Southline, Open City, Great Speckled Bird


Wendy Meyer




there was also a skating rink there at one time… can't remember if it was before,

after, or during. (was also a skating rink in the ground floor of Colony


anybody remember that two story bookshop downtown right where peachtree splits

off, was  next to lowe's grande… bought a copy of norman mailer's Advertisements

For Myself there as well as Foucault's the Order of Things… then in that little

triangle (no longer there) was a record store… i remember buying a zappa album

and ornette coleman's Live at the golden Circle.


and speaking of triangles in the middle of the street: there was a trinagle of

stores where peachtree and roswell split off in  Buckhead..used to be a bar

there called  The Red Dog Saloon...i think..across from Aunt Charlie's


anybody mention TV Dinner on p/tree in midtown?... down the street from where

art paper's were located in a two story walkup. I played there one time with the

Dead Angels (was that the name?) poet group and one of the guys smashed a hole

in the wall in a particularly effervescent moment.




I went into Plaza drugs (they also had a soda fountain then) in the sixties with some friends and they refused to serve us..our freak flag was flyin' too high, hair wise. i still remember those prunefaced old biddies with their arms crossed ... man, the Plaza was a war zone then..



john coltrane played at la carousel around '64 i think..was too young to go...anybody remember Don Clendendon's Birdcage? played jazz about Cousin Herb and the Purple Grotto. at sundown on am waok...played ALL the old (then new) Blue Note records 'Welcome to the Purple Grotto..Cousin Herb here in the catbird seat with a million and one listeners and YOU are the one" the rest of the time they played gospel with the rev. esmond patterson sponsored by" PAAR--KERS FOOD TOWN MARKET,  PAAR-KERS FOOD TOWN MARKET..." (no music just that chant for the commercial) ..I saw elvin jones play from about 5 ft away at the 12th gate one time...truly a transcendent and somewhat scary experience..god knows what it must have been like with the coltrane quartet..saw many others there too, gary bartz, larry coryell ,McCoy tyner, others...


ah yes,,Jim Salle's records..THErecord store in altanta! at that time they had listening booths in there. Whe I was a senior in high school I would drive in on satuday, break the cellophane seal and 'preview' literally dozens of records...I MIGHT buy one record. Finally mr. salle (I guess) came over to many after a  month or so of doing this and made me quit. I heard some creat stuff though. records on sale were $2.99.


I was in one summer saturday and they had evidently placed an order for one of the first Albert Ayler records and there (I later remembered because who the frick in altanta then knew who albert ayler was??!) was a very young Bruce Hampton picking up the order.


also: the stone sculptures of Uncle Remus characters in the back of the open air lenox square shopping center.



Robert Cheatham




before BIRDI's... THE FOOD BUSINESS restaurant.


the dessert place in the highlands.

indigo and partners



on that note...






BUDDYS POOL HALL next to the spaghetti factory on ponce

FRIJOLEROS on peachtree









I remember the pizza place that became the masquerade complex , was that Excelsior Mill?

I think they had movie nights.


Plum Nelly's and Butch's the two bars on ptree

Charlie Brown's earlier drag bar that became The Cotton Club on ptree

The sportsPage


The Cove

688 club

800 East




evotek theatre on ptree

piper's roost on Pharr

the various oxfords -ptree battle, oxford too, oxford at pharr

sciencefiction and mystery bookstore

the holographic gallery at Tula

earlier incarnations of Touch of India

Jim White's

Windfaire at Skyland

BookNook at Skyland

Esoteric book store on Maple drive (?name)

Esoteric book store at Pharr road (?name)


All the bars ever in that spot with the Ferris wheel at ptree & pharr

The bremen musician statue at Lenox

Lenox as an open air mall with a bowling alley

The great coffee shop where Tierra is now on Piedmont

The Wishfulfilling Tree and in the shade cafe


Ann Eams


As an old ACA kid in 1982 these were a few favs:
Annie Hall
The Suzie Wong Lounge in that big old Chinese restaurant on PT with  lunch specials for $1.99-2.50
Matthew's Market
The Gay or Blue Dolphin 2 (never figured out where the Dolphin 1 was)  with nickel draft and amateur strip night (now Eats on Ponce)
The Country Place at Colony Square
The Bar on Peachtree
The Owl (next to Weekends)
What was that interactive kids museum at the High... Sensations?
Oh... the saddest loss of all... the fab 60's Doris Day hotel on PT


Matt Belfi



Peaches record store on Peachtree

Richard's (club where mid-town mall is now)

Ma Hull's boarding house in Inman Park



is the flyin' pig still around? if not, man y'all missed some good kind of ribs.


Woody Cornwell



Three words:  The Stein Club


Dave Batterman



movies movies movies
Nexus photo collective on Va. Avenue
Film Forum
Bestoink Dooley
Silver Screen
Summers of old flicks at P'tree Playhouse
Rhodes Movie Theater
Atlanta International Film Festival
are we supposed to think about things we don't want un-vanished?
Lester Maddox's Pickrick chicken (sp?)]
Mammy's Shanty?
Aunt Fanny's Cabin?

Is Pittypat's Porch gone yet? It lasted WAYYY to long


Priscilla Smith



Tortilla's on Ponce and Mud Shack on Thursdays.
Annie Keith's Soul Food near the old Nexus 

Vaknin Schwartz Gallery





Back in the 60's there was a kiddie ride place complete with little ferris wheel in what is now Home Depot at Lindbergh.  Had my 1 year birthday party there.  My dad owned a slot car place called Race-a-Go-Go.  The fad was quite brief, it soon became an art gallery which surprisingly lasted a lot longer. 


I still have a beer bucket from The Great Southeast Music Hall.  Remember those and the floor seats?  Saw Harry Chapin there.




PS  - The Uncle Remus sculpture is now in the Lenox parking lot





back to Decatur...Mick's used to be Bucks and there was a restaurant called "conversations" and rice's card & gift shop. What about all of the beautiful houses and churches in Atlanta that got torn down for the Carter highway...the old stadium...


Amy Parry




Hey Julie -

In the category of About to Vanish: The Masquerade
Half Vanished: the AHA Grady Homes projects
Gone: Atlantic Steel
GOLD Club (had a brief stint as a church -- sign maybe still up on fence?)
The Point in L5P (now clothing warehouse)
Central Metals on Howell Mill at Northside -- huge scrap metal yard now Condos A Go Go
Backstreet (ummmmm, ick? )

Hope to see your installation !




Do you remember tortillas? ( the burrito joint across from the claremont hotel)
the old eyedrum?

Adam Overton



how about Nunley's Tea Room at 5 points- near the Candler Building, or what about The Magnolia Tea Room in the old downtown Riches building; the tea rooms in all their glory accommodated their clientele by attaching little hooks on the corners of the tables for ladies to place their bags while they ate chick salad and drank very sweet tea. Or what about The Coach and Six on P'tree in Buckhead delicious steak! Let's not forget the French Quarter in Mid-town near 10th on p'tree... does anybody know where one can find ettoufe? and i mean good.   

Sloane Cornwell



The Atlanta Museum (across from Crawford Long Horsepistol)
The one housed in the 19th century stone house, with antiques chockablock amoung curiosa like Hitler's raincoat, Margaret Mitchell's wastepaperbasket, a Zero aeroplane, Napolean's chairs and some dry starfish. This institution had more influence upon me than the whole of my schooling.

EK Huckaby



What was the name of that place (long gone) in the strip mall in Brookhaven where Captain Beefheart performed that legendary concert? Was anyone else in attendance on this list ?





Ponce de Leon Ball Park, Sears Dept. Store on Ponce de Leon, Piedmont Golf Course, Carling Brewery


Mike Trapani



Oxford was one of my favorites!!  How about these...

    Movie Theatre across from NorthLake Mall where Sports Authority is now

    Jim White's (?) Seafood Restaurant - when left to son to run it he ran it into the ground!

    Snak-N-Shop - best Kosher Deli where all the elite met to eat.

    Rich's downtown with the lighting of the Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving Day - boohoo

    Macy's TeaRoom downtown - the place to go for lunch if you have blue-tinted white hair

    Liza's Cafe in Chamblee Antique Row

and..of course I don't know anything about it, but let's not forget the infamous Gold Club!

I'm sure I'll think of more later..


Joan Needham



Shackleford's Drug Store on Highland.  Lowe's Theatre in downtown on Peachtree.  Rhodes Theatre. 


Stefanie Stadler



Blast Off Video in Little Five

Lane Ketner


The laundromat in Virginia-Highlands where Doc
Chey's is now.  I did my laundry there for years.

Indeed it was.  [Royal Bagel in Ansley Mall] was the best bagel shop ever, run out of business by Einstein's, as I recall.  Doesn't anyone else miss the Ponce de Leon Sears? Poor grad student that I was, it was where I bought my jeans and overalls and hiking boots and flannel shirts. (We wore that sort of stuff in those days.) There was also a Denny's across Ponce from the Sears that used to be the only place in Atlanta where you get a cup of coffee after 10 p.m.  And how about the Grove just off Ponce, a wiccan-run coffee place that could be seriously spooky.  I would also vote for the Stein Club and Ansley Film Forum as seriously missed.  In our neighborhood (East Atlanta) we've lost a ton of stuff:  Simpson's Grocery;  the Spiritual Flea Market;  the pharmacy on the corner of Ormewood and Moreland where they still had a real soda fountain;  the drycleaners on Ormewood where the owners kept ancient fluffy cats;  and there was a tiny barber shop, always full of customers, on a little triangular island just behind the Exon Station at the intersection of Moreland and I-20.  When I first came here in the 70s, "Sidney's Just South" was *the* place to go for dinner.  Is it still in business?  I kinda' doubt it. 

Harriette Grissom


... my wife reminded me: the lunch counter at Woolworth's (Ansley).  Perfect down-and-out meat-and-three.

Representing Grant Park:
Boy, do I miss Kelley's Grocery.
Mean Bean Burritos (L5P)?  Luckie Street Grill?  Unknown Surfer (on Ponce)? 
Atlanta Best Chicken & Fish (also Ponce)?  Those last two had, repectively, the
second-best and third-best burgers in town (behind the still-extant Ann's Snack

Phil Oppenheim


Gene and Gabe's where Smiths Olde Bar is
The Egg and the Lotus where Woodfire is on Cheshire Bridge
The Rollerdrome skating rink behind Krispy Kreme on Ponce
The Harvest Moon Saloon on Cheshire Bridge which moved to be the Moonshadow
The Highland Theatre in Atkins Park that became a Church
The Travel Agency near the Dessert Place on Highland
There was a wonderful boutique where Dakotas in Va-Hi is now--Gracie Moon
used to work there
There was the Rock Shop where the Italian Ice Cream Store is in Va Hi
Stone Soup
Fan and Bills Restaurant near the Biltmore
The Starlight Drive in on 85
Murphy's when it was across from the Fire Station
The Cracker Stadium
The Sears in Buckhead
The number 7 sandwich at the Magnolia Tea Room  (Turkey, Bacon, Thousand
Island Dressing, open face & melted)
The Atlanta Jewish Community Center NEAR the STEIN CLUB!
The IHOP near the Stein Club
Riding my bike at the Piedmont Arts Festival
Shackelfords Drug Store where 14 WEST is
Fred's Deli where Affairs was
The Hardware store next to Fred's Deli
and THe Big Apple SUpermarket where ALIYAH Gallery is
the red brick apts on Merton and Rock Springs
The woods on University
The Synagogue by the Creek on University (now APTS.)
for starters, anyway


I opened the first Roller Skate rental shop in Atlanta at 123 14th street.  It was called Everybody Skates and now the old 2 story house that may have eventually become Jakes is torn down and the new skyscraper across from Colony Square is there.  Before the Bell South Tower, National Service Industries had a lovely office building that was 2 story like an old home and it was what I saw from the Everybody   

There was the Mead Blue Horse Factory (remember saving blue horse from your school notebooks) on Austin Ave near Dad’s New Garage.  On North Ave across from Ga Baptist Medical Center there was a great toy store.  My pediatrician was in the Medical Bldg and my Mom would always take us across the street after a shot.

In Virginia Higland, There was a shoe repair shop in a hole in the wall under Eclectic Electric. The Travel Agency that was the point across from Taco Mac in Virginia Highland was originally a barber shop.  There was also a barber shop across the street where Gecko’s was.  The Condos/Apts across from the Temple on Peachtree used to be the location of the Riveria Hotel.  The Old Standard Club was in Bookhaven where houses now stand and There was the Mayfair Club and the Progressive Club as well (mostly Jewish Clubs). I don’t recall right now which one was where Turner is on North Ave.  Many parties were held at the LaVista Women’s Club on Lavista near the Orthodox Synagogue. There was a dental school at Emory and the train used to run from the Emory Station to Athens, Ga.  It was always crowded with students, guitars, etc on a snowy weekend.  Up on Piedmont close to Pharr was the Sandpiper Restaurant.  I worked there and then stopped off at the  Great Southeast Music Hall quite often. 

Work calls

Judy Kuniansky

yeah....the Seiko ball on Peachtree, the Rose garden in Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and Sundown Cafe will be changing venue to taqueria in March.

Anita Arliss


24 hour shows and HOMO HOMO SHOW @ 800 east gallery (my first show in 1995!)

inman park cafe (where savage pizza in L5P is now)

what grocery store was there before JUNKMANS DAUGHTER?

butch and sissy's DOUBLEWIDE CAFE was after INMAN PARK CAFE IN 1991

oh yes!

homage cafe!

loved listening to CICADA SINGS there...the house band.

i spent every friday and saturday at WEEKENDS and when it closed at 4:30am (back in the day) we then went to backstreet...if we were REALLY crazy...we went to THE COVE after THAT!





the limelight

the buckhead saloon

st. agnes tea garden in MY SISTERS ROOM BAR






I remember the Flea Market on Piedmont/Lindberg(now the Marta Station)which was previously an Arlans store but even before that (BC) the Piedmont Drive-In Theater was located there.

The Moonshadow on Johnson Road, Al's Corral on Juniper St.(featuring the spoon man on Saturday

night), One Eyed Jacks at Baltimore block, the "feeder bus" that ran between Decatur and Emory, the Emory Theater, bingo night at the American Legion Hall on Piedmont, and the big Coca-Cola sign at Peachtree and Walton.


Susan Bridges



Brother Juniper's sandwich shop
Gorin's and the building it was in on 14th & P'tree
The wig shop on Ponce
That club across from the Fox on the 2nd floor (where Days Inn is)
Krystal on Peachtree near 5th
Is Crown Camera still at 10th & Piedmont?
Cabbage Town Cotton Mill
Mattress Factory
Excelsior Mill
Nexus Contemporary Art Center
Crescent Avenue
Ponce de Leon
Underground Atlanta
Fulton County Stadium
Touch of India (10th& P'tree)
Chagio (next to Touch of India)
Playland Skating Rink on Buford Hwy.
Baker's Cafe in Little 5 Pts.
Hail to Wax 'n Fax in Little 5 for the least changed space!
Wow, this has been a bit of an obsession especially for the natives!
Jen Cawley


ohh ohh i love this!

when they built freedom parkway ALOT of atlanta vanished... at least we got some green space out of it....

the stein club. where else could a 17 year old drink? (unless i was getting mad dog at the best for less on northsidejesus.

BLTs in the Tech area- a pizza place where bands played.

the Driver Dome, 485 Robinson street, IDEFY c-10 & c-11.... house shows!!

young blood shows in the west end

Aurora at ansley and downtown

butch and sissy's doublewide cafe-- where savage is now- it was ria's of the bluebird's first restaurant.

savage and virginias and stone soup market on virgina ave.

cyberstach. you could smoke in there.

eat your vegetables best miso yum.

the white front market on memorial.

the liquid bean on ponce

what was that breakfast place next to tortillas that charlie opened before it was the blue lantern?? but oh tortillas tortillas tortillas i miss you everyday.

800 east was where i had my very first atlanta art experience...

the train depot on memorial (in the process of vanishing)

ok maybe i am just not remembering correctly but wasn't there a fellinis on roswell road that was 2 buildings and one was a pasta place. or was it a la fondathe buildings had wavy roofs.... am i crazy?

anti records in the basement of the somber reptile when punk shows used to happen there- that was my first job intown- they paid me in beer and records and i thought i was so cool. but the other guys that worked there actually lived in the empty building next door. it was like indentured servitude. and they had a little lounge area before that (in the basement), where smaller bands would play.

ok. enough.


Shana Wood



i miss the A&M corner market at the intersection of randolph and irwinthere was a vintage painting of produce and roast beef on the sides of the building that i loved.  there were also 3 old black men that wore overalls and sat everyday on a bench next to the store.  now i don't know what the old market (which was completely stuccoed and painted over) is turning into.  it hasn't opened yet.  good news - the men moved the bench across the street to the other corner market that has less charm.  maybe that store will soon vanish too.

Ann-Marie Manker



Big Lots and Kmart and almost Linberg Plaza

Fleeman’s Pharmacy
The Crazy Horse
So many of the streets that are being renamed by our politicians
Pershing Point




The Original Vortex on W Peachtree (low ceilings in the upstairs and all the gack in the current P-tree location crammed into a space 1/10 the size, games)

Dux's hardware on Marietta

Cafe Diem

The fellinis at L5P

The Old Sevenanda

Big Star Grocery (was that run by Alex Chilton?)

The drive-in along 85 (Saw that tornado movie there during a thunderstorm; theatre in the round)

That loose gallery at Jesse Cregar's studio at the highland bakery.

The old ACA sculpture building

that odd gallery space that clung to the side of the railroad tracks on Howell Mill (near forsyths)

The numerous configurations and locations of Cha Gio

The Beer Mug

That clock repair shop in Lindberg Plaza

The old Hastings Garden store

Factory BBQ


Heathere and Nicholas Fraser



The great independent bagel shop at Ansley Mall.  I think it was Royal Bagel.

Scott Clodfelter



Bugatti's at the Omni

Rizzoli's bookstore there

1-2-3 Shoe Repair at Peachtree and Tenth

Stewart Avenue

The Carnegie Library downtown

Tasty Town

Capo's in Virginia Highlands, the first non-bar restaurant in the neighborhood

where Superior foods was the grocery store...

The Blackstone Apartments on 4th street

The Museum of Touch

Gallerie Illien on 14th and Peachtree

Blue Rat Gallery

Kipnis Gallery

Alexander Gallery

Bickerton Gallery

Performing Arena (I think was the N. Highlands space Robert mentioned, I read there once I think)


and soon to be no more City Gallery East


And how about the Emory Museum when it was the top floor of the library just past the perpetual coca-cola water fountain? The hawk mummy next to the family bible next to the stuffed squirrel next to the fossilized shark's teeth... featured in a fleeting moment in a John Huston performance -- can't remember the film. It was the best, even better than the Atlanta Museum.


Dear Julie,

I actually do a private tour of places I lived in Atlanta that are now parking lots. However, of larger public and art audience interest interest might be the Heath Gallery on Lombardy where the arts center marta station is now located.



Laura Lieberman



Has anyone mentioned the old grand restaurants of the 70’s?

Chateau Fleur de Lis on
Cheshire Bridge
Midnight Sun in Peachtree Center
The Ambassador on
Roswell Rd.
The Diplomat downtown where the Mart is now

And how about The Frances Virginia Tea Room?


Kyle Young



Atlanta Fulton County Stadium

(Hank's house)

(First home of the Atlanta Braves)


Bill Gignilliat



The Shanty was this magnificent old house on College Ave. that had been  a communal living environment and gathering place for many Atlanta  musicians, performers, activists and various other eclectic folks for  many, many years. The various people who have lived (or hung out at) at  the Shanty at one time or another would read like a who's who of the  Atlanta counterculture. It was bought by Agnes Scott (and its tenants  evicted) to build a parking deck, which apparently was cancelled. The  house still stands, but it is now home to various Agnes Scott offices  or something. At least AS had the good sense not to tear it down, but  they did rip out its soul.


Allen Welty-Green



Jenning's Rose Room


Pig 'n Whistle Barbeque on Ponce


Becky Blankenship



ahem, (self promo coming) ...I designed and built the interior fo the scifi
store when it was on n. highland.
remember the black box theater that was around the corner there, st.
charles i think..can't remember..i believe it was the brecht play mother courage
i saw there...speaking of which: remember when 7 stages was a little place on
moreland, next to We Ain't Mad At Nobody?
damn, somebody turn off the spigot and or the lights...
Robert Cheatham
513 club 
camille's in va highlands

Church st. coffee
family jewels
shield's meat market?
that car upholestery shop where rue de leon is now
any parking lot that could possibly be turned into condos
there was a jewlery store on the square that i think turned into corky deans and is now a sushi place
Jess Williams
-        Science-Fiction and Mystery bookstore (N. Highland)... and let's step next door to 
- St. Charles Deli
- the classical music room at Tower Records at Lenox
- Dottie's
Jon Ciliberto

Y’all are pretty downtown/midtown oriented. What about the Southside…


Mr. V’s Figure 8 and the other clubs on Campbellton Rd

Atlanta Nights

Ivey’s South

Wingo’s and the I-Hop on Campbellton Rd

Southwest High

Youngblood’s and chris tucker’s Comedy Club at Rio Mall

Comedy Act Theatre, at Peachtree & 8th

Club Zebra, the floating speakeasy (Pearl Cleage & Zaron Burnett)

The Neighborhood Arts Center (in its various locations)

The Split T

Paschal’s La Carousel

Donn Clendenon’s

Mine Train at the old Underground

Caribbean Cool at the new old Underground

The Afrikan I

The Bottom

Miss Lelia’s Fish

Yates & Milton

The Birdcage


The Atlanta-Morehouse-Spelman Players summer theatre

Crystal Britton’s Chiwara gallery at Baltimore Place

Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom

Also, the Stone Soup Coop in the pre-Sevananda days.

The view when the blue domed restaurant at the top of the Hyatt regency was the tallest building in town.

Buttermilk Bottom & Sweet Milk Top.

Oxford Bookstore

Sue Ross

Hey Julie--
Don't know if you're going to list stuff or quote people verbatim, but I just wanted to pass along a minor correction:

2. When I first moved to Atlanta in 1976, there was a used bookstore on P-tree, across from Woodruff Park. Up a flight of stairs.The first time I went there I bought a copy of James Agee's A Death in the Family, and when I brought it home found a four-leaf clover [DELETE "I"] pressed in the front cover. I don't remember the name of the store.

Thanks so much for introducing this topic. It's been a really great afternoon in the old inbox. See you this weekend.

--Barbara Schreiber

Whew! This has been a marathon down Memory Lane.

Most of my faves have been named,

But a few vanished sites remain


Turtle’s Records & Tapes (especially the cut-outs room at the main store on Buford Hwy)

Speaking of the Buford Triangle, how about

The miniature golf course with the cement dinosaur,

Pogo’s Disco, later Packet’s Disco,

and Country Green.


Uptown Café (as opposed to the Downtown Café)

Avalon Metaphysical Bookstore (both locations)

Small Press Books when it was on Spring Street

Rumors (Rumours?) in the shopping center by Rainbow Grocery (saw Gang of Four there)


What was the name of the club that was on the corner of Monroe and Virginia, across from the hotdog place?

Brandywine Downs

Avondale Mall, esp. Rich’s rummage area

Sevanada when it was on Moreland the first time around

Susan Cipcic


though i miss these places- time does move on thankfully. great memories..but  i probably wouldn't still hang out there anymore, anyway ( except for the royal peacock).

Royal Peacock
Little Blue Reggae Hut
The old warehouse parties on Peters Street
Homage on Trinity Ave.
Chassie Post Gallery
Mud Club
Color Box
the Original Mattress Factory shows
The Sceening Room
and yes, the Stein Club

Carolyn Carr or William Gibson?


Abba Zaba Atlanta ?
The original MJQ in the basement of The Ponce Hotel
The cuban sandwich shop one block over from the the p'tree back door of Backstreets
The Stein Club - monday nights, anyone ?
The Blue Lantern - the best pesto chicken muffaleta of it's time
The Rio Mall - Dara Birnbaum had a permanent video installation in this miami-motif mini mall, replete with a shallow pool and golden frogs
The Arts Festival of Atlanta
800 East
The Point
The French Quarter
New Visions
bluemilk ?

Cedric Victor-DeSouza


Annie Keith’s across from Nexus on Ralph McGill.

The flea market where Lindbergh Marta station is.


Apartments and houses on Lombardy Way.


Eat Your Vegetables.

New Visions Gallery.

The Locker Room.

The Downtown Café

Texas Drilling Company

The Dessert Place

Both Film Forums – the one at Ansley and the second at Garden Hills

The Screening Room

The Great Mall of China

Lisa Tuttle


I am not old old Atlanta but have some great memories of the way it "was" when I got here in 1986.  I had never visited the city before I decided to live here.


How about Majors Fine Furniture in Little 5?  I have a picture from the late 80's of a friend in front of the store which had a sign advertising an "Ugly Lamp Sale".


Tastee Town restaurant in downtown Atlanta.


Trattoria 505 (and the other Camille's places) in Decatur - my husband and I had our first date there.


Cha Gio on Peachtree before it moved twice.  We used to help ourselves to the beer in the beer cooler and they would just count up the bottles for our tab when we were finished.


Lisa Bliss



my grandmother modelled at the Magnolia Tea Room in the 50s. it always sounded very glamorous to me!


I was going to say St. Agnes! I loved that place!

when was there a zesto at n. decatur and clairmont? i don't remember!

how about a lot of Agnes Scott's campus? i love the additions and changes but sometimes i miss the old stuff too.

And Pizza By Candlelight at the corner of Candler and College Ave right next to Agnes Scott. When I was little they used to have a movie screen that they played silent movies on.



Christy Petterson



Hi Julie,


There used to be a ski lodge in Vinings that had a fake snow mountain. As you may remember, it burned down at some point (apparently fake snow it extremely flammable) and all that was left by the time we were in high school were a bunch of slippery, plastic snow pellets and the huge, twisted, charred hulk of what use to be the ski lift machinery. The top of the burned "mountain" was nice place to camp and look out at the Atlanta skyline. Very desolate and post-apocalyptic feeling. People I knew called the place "the crow's nest," but my brother and his friends call it "the outlook." 


Now it's a Home Depot. So it goes.



Tracy Jo Barnwell


PS - If you talk about Oxford Books, you should mention the coffee shop (The Cup and Chaucer).


688 Club
Weekends (Rupaul got his start and the Federal Reserve Bank is now)
Cotton Club (original on Peachtree)
Club Rio
Homage down town
Oh, and I almost forgot - the Carriage Room.  It was a restaurant in  the basement of the Castle on 15th Street that I was intimately  involved in. 

Also - Baltimore Place, the Academy Theatre, Buckhead Elks Club (saw  Hampton there for the first time in 1968), Rhythm City (bought my first  guitar there), Vanillasphere across from the Music Hall, the  Morningside vegan restaurant near Emory, Emory theatre, Toco Hills  theatre,
AND the free music at Piedmont park.

Fun town did have a great Wild Mouse.

Jim Demmers
Yes, we miss the Sears at the Buckhead triangle.  For a little girl coming in
from College Park, that was "going to town."
Willena Moye
Also... but I've never been good with names
Agora Ballroom where I saw Iggy, X, Method Actors and even U2 ($6.50!) &
Music venue at N.Highland and Briarcliff (now a vet office, I think)
where I saw REM  in their early days, Fabulous Thunderbirds, etc.
Rumors for the Gang of Four, X, the Ventures(!) and others
Exclesior Mill before the organ when it was full of 50s arcade machines
The movie room below Excelsior movies, pizza and beer - plus you could
The movie houses in L5P, Ansley Mall (and others) for independent film
688 (most of all) Pylon, Echo & the Bunnymen, New Order and countless
Bookstore in Emory Village that had a loft with beanbags for hassel free
That redneck bar in L5P - great for Sunday afternoon pitchers with
The giant record store way out on Peachtree where I discovered the
A little intown music club that was more like a house where REM and X
both played (missed those, dammit) but did see some local bands there
Oliver Smith

OK, I got a freaky one, and it is OLD school........


Remember OZ Records?  You would tell them what record you wanted and a flying monkey (a la the Wizard of Oz) would come out on a suspended track with a basket in its hands that would have your item and the cashier would ring you up.  I bought Amii Stewart's "Knock on Wood" (it's like thunder, lightening...the way you love me is frightening...).


What about the top floor of Rich's could rummage through everything and get really cheap clothes...

Joey Orr
So many vanished entities.  Amazing!  I guess change is the only constant.
Up the street from LaSalle's record store was Metro Music.
Aside from Turtle's, there was a chain of record stores called Coconuts.
Are Wuxtry and Wax 'n Facts still around?  Wouldn't want them to disappear.
Colorado Mining Company.  There used to be alot more late-night restaurants for
the partying crowd.
Come to think of it, there were alot more bars, and alot fewer coffee places.
I saw Weather Report at the Southeast Music Hall.  I saw Andy Warhol's
Frankenstein at the movie theatre near there, at the then-Broadview Plaza.
There were one or two Cinerama theatres around town.
688 was a great place to hang out.  Music videos were new.
The Mattress Factory Shows
Piedmont Arts Festival (when it was edgier)
Quantum Productions
Windstorm Productions
Open City
Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom
Nexus Contemporary Art Center (the original one); Ian McColl (688) put on some
great productions there, along with lots of others
Is there not still a movie theatre in the Plaza Drugs area on Ponce?
A whole host of arts organizations, and their locations -- too numerous to
That string of buildings on Crescent Avenue that used to have performances --
torn down for the mall that was never to be built
Lots fewer "apartments"; lots more "lofts" (I always thought the term "loft"
should be reserved for that magical 2000+ sq.ft. space cheaply obtained in an
abandoned warehouse for the maverick pioneer -- I mean, not everyone can have a
loft, can they?)
The Sears at the Buckhead triangle (do we miss it?)
Science Fiction Book Store (we do miss it)
Brother Juniper's (13th street, I think)
Underground Atlanta (the original)
They didn't get the Fox Theatre.  Or the Varsity.  Not yet.
Amazing thread.  Almost 50 years of images of change.  Unbelievable.
Thanks again.  Heavy <sigh>.  Life goes on.  Fortunately, we have EYEDRUM.
Howard Wershil

these are the ones i can remember but i'll ask my dad tomorrow morning  for me. i am 3rd generation atlanta which is rare in this city! good luck.


dottie's - a bar on memorial, totally great hang out. wonderful music,  booze, broads and pool.


deacon burton's - an atlanta landmark, his son owns son's place two doors down. deacon burton's is the patio now but it used to be a civil  rights hub where it was safe for blacks and whites to eat together and  talk. he made the best fried chicken in atlanta. thank god his son  worked by his side for so many years. you ate on school plastic trays  and there sweet tea was fabulous


the dirty movie parlour in buckhead, just recently closed but was there  since the 70's


the buckhead cinema and draft house
there was a famous country concert place in lindbergh shopping center  as well as a really good movie house but i can't remember their names


alex cooleys stage across from the fox
rlhopper grammer school on piedmont near the corner of piedmont of  peachtree


harry barons - he was awesome, he had the best deli in town and he knew  everyone by name, his restaurant was in phipps plaza and i went there  from childhood to college, he was a character out of a film, he opened  another one when they did the construction at phipps but it never made  it, it was in midtown. once i saw him at a bagel shop selling chemical  cleaning products and i told him how much his place meant to me and  that you couldn't get a decent lox and rye anymore. he told me his wife  had had enough and she wanted him home but that he missed it very much.  he was like a broken man to me but that might have been just my  interpretation. he had none of the smaltzyness left. he was the kind of  guy, almost like an entertainer, he would say the same jokes over and  over and people always laughed. i can still remember how it smelled


the coves in chastain park when you could drive thru the park and hang  out, it was a total cruising scene, 1st cove, 2nd cove, 3rd cove and  you could watch the concerts up on the hill with no obstruction, there  was a rumor that a girl was found tied to a horse high on acid (there  is a horse stable there). the park was so much fun and so many atlanta  teens hung out there


cloudt gourmet grocery store across from peidmont hospital with  carpeting!


morrison's cafeteria in the round on peachtree that is now an italian  restaurant and looks nothing like it use to - ugly beautiful and white


the original golden arches (they were huge!) at mcdonald's (that's not  there either) on cheshire bridge


the names, the peachtree plaza hotel, lakewood drive


Annie Kinnett Nichols



-the little boats you could row on the lake in Piedmont Park

-the view from the top of the Emory Library was endless acres of treetops...all green with a few tall buildings poking up in the distance


Sarah Landrum



I'm really pulling out the memories of intown living in the early 70's.

The Oriental Garden-on Highland considered one of the few decent inexpensive places to eat in town.

Franco's Pizza on the Strip in Midtown- very scary scene late at night.

The Colonial later Mathews market on Peachtree in Midtown closest supermarket that wasn't too dirty.

The thrifttown in L5P a very dirty supermarket.

the Aquarius Louge- the site that would become TV Dinner

The Mellow Mushroom on W. Peachtree

Hawk's Drugstore across from the Mushroom

The #10 shoppers bus that went from Rich's to Davidson's to Sear's on Ponce for only 10 cents

The Goodwill Store downtown near GSU

The Goodwill on Ponce

The Golf Course at Piedmont Park

Car dealerships up and down Spring Street

Yellow front adult book stores on Ponce and downtown.

Dollar all day movies at the Baronet

Martial Arts flicks at the Rialto

Happy Hours that provided free food

Renting an aparment on 12th Street for $125 a month

Deciding that was too expensive and moving in with some otther people to a large house where the IBM building now stands for  $60 each.

Not having to work a regular job because  rent was so cheap.

Having people warning you not to live in Virginia Highlands because it's was too dangerous.


Tom Zarilli



The old "(Your) Dekalb Farmers Market" behind the strip mall at the corners of N. Decatur Road, Scott Blvd., and Medlock -

Katz's Delicatessen on Cheshire Bridge -

I tried to resist but I couldn't.

What about things or places that seem to fall into this "vanished" catagory, but, in fact, still exist ?  I'd like to see this list get kicked around...    I'll start :

The Aspen Book Store (Memorial & Hairiston)

Clark Vreeland



Here are some which are still missing (Not to turn the collection into a list of stores and restaurants):

Don't you remember The Southern Theatre Conspiracy! Eddie Lee and Larry Larson.

Performance Parties were the first here for performance art. Late 70's - earliy 80's. We were at different sites each time with in and outdoor avant garde.

Seaberg Skeleton Theatre with Steve, Wayne, Loretta, Bonnie, and others.

Seaberg Museum at Nexus

The Eldorado of Little Five Points another unprecedented spot for Performance Art

Calvin Kenley's  Theatre Center and Art Gallery on then Gordon St in West End. I can' t remember the name of it but there were numerous shows there and classes of acting.

And how about Jack Eppley's Tap Dancing School in Ansley Mall?


Ronnog Seaberg



How's about.....
The Metroplex
Candice Bennett



The Cup and Chaucer in the old Oxford requires its own mention.
The White Dot on Ponce.
Sylvia's Atomic Café.
Tortillas on Ponce.
Darren Wang

aunt fanny's cabin!!!!

it was in an old slave's quarters house and the waiters wore black boards around their necks and they sang.

best fried chicken.

i was 4 or 5 years old and i remember so much of it.





The Neighborhood Arts Center - Georgia Avenue

NEXUS (both) !smile!

Grumpy's Restaurant  (Home of the Grumpy Burger) - North Ave

Mr. V's - Cambellton Road

The Ice House - Bankhead Highway

The Silver Fox

Nob Hill Apartments - Roswell Road

Kinko's - Peachtree & 13th

The Rib Shack - Auburn Ave

The Greyhound Station - Williams & International

Charlotte Cameron
Believe it or not, this is a true story.

In April of 1993, after I had accepted a position at
Georgia State’s Law School, I flew down to Atlanta to find an apartment.  I stayed at one of the downtown hotels for a few days while I was apartment hunting.  After several days of looking for places to rent, I decided that I wanted to do some “sightseeing” in Atlanta.  I stopped an older man in a business suit in front of the 191 Peachtree Street, told him that I was moving to Atlanta in the Fall to teach at GSU,  and asked him the following question. “Excuse me please. How can I find the older historical section of Atlanta?”   He replied, “There isn’t any historical section any more. You people burned everything!” and quickly walked away.  Maybe if I had phrased the question, “Hey, do y’all know where the old part of town’s at?” I may have been treated with more hospitality.

I cannot tell you how many times in the 12 years that I have lived in Atlanta I have heard that Sherman was responsible for the lack of any structure that in essence predates the 1960s, not the 1860s.

Michael Landau
Professor of Law
Intellectual Property Program
Georgia State University
of Law
140 Decatur Street, 4th floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

I remember the mini-amusement park at Broadview Plaza with ferris wheel, roller coaster, go-cart track; Bestoink Dooley hosting the Friday Night Frights on WAGA (pronounced wagga) TV. He played all the classics - Frankenstein, The Mummy and also the great B horror movies - Plan 9 From Outer Space, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, etc. All of that was in the mid to late 50's. Bestoink later opened the Ansley Mall Mini-Cinema which had some of the most avant garde foreign movies allowed at that time. After he passed away, his son carried on that great tradition for some years. I remember seeing Officer Don at the Buckhead Theatre and the original House on Haunted Hill. Went to the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium to see my first rock concert - Donovan and several other great shows that played there. I remember the Leather Bottle restaurant at E. Paces and Maple drive - I was a waiter there for awhile in the early 70's. Also there was Harrisons and Clarence Fosters on Peach! tree and The Mansion at Piedmont and Ponce de Leon. Also in the early 70's there was a small vegetarian restaurant across the side street from Mary Mac's - can't remember the name (Esoterica?). I remember Ma Hull's boarding house in Inman Park. I went by there a few months after Ma Hull passed away and the house was abandoned and got the original stepping stone sign which says something like 'Open 4pm till food gone'. I still have that and would be happy for you to use it in your installation.



Claude Crider (another BC)

Katz's deli on Cheshire Bridge
Bethel Thayer
1976, riding around looking for an apt.... i noticed this restaurant made of old box cars on lindberg/p'mont, just south of moonshadow where there's now an auto parts store... never went in but it was odd
Tom Ferguson
That was Victoria Station.  Great Prime Rib at dinner and great barbequed ribs at lunch.  Yum! 

Harry's Steak House on Spring Street

Hank and Jerry's Hideaway

S & W Cafeteria across from Davison's


The Mousetrap (good riddance)
Becky Blankenship
grandma's biscuits on buford highway
Sending this directly, since it probably won't be of interest to too many others. After days of reading rememberances , I'd have to say my most vanished place in Atlanta was/is 560 9th Street - where I lived for a short while back in the heyday of my youth in 1987. I remember that little falling down shack of a house as the happiest time of my life. The entire little neighborhood (the southwest part of Home Park on the NW edge of Ga. Tech) was razed when Tech expanded to prepare for the Olympics. There is some large corporate type building there now, I believe.
Wendy Meyer

Folks are hitting so many of the places that made my Atlanta during the past 25 years. Just this year, Jim White's the Half Shell that was a wonderful old time big city seafood house closed. I was bereft. I keep reading and what I hear in all the messages are the artists' love for the idiosyncratic, creative, inexpensive and uniqueness of these places and spaces. I remember going to Katz's deli in the 70s and knowing I lived in a real city, so good. You have touched an incredible button here. We miss our sense of place as the city changes.

Laura Lieberman

Two south siders:


At 396 Rockwell St in Mechanicsville Eldrin M. Bailey's house with adjacent sculpture garden. His whitewashed cement sculpture is still there in part.He would sit in his car parked in front and conduct business of cement tombstones which he made for a living. His paintings were inside his house and are now scateerred. His sculpture of urns, birds, dogs, and outstannding persons like Hank Aaron, JFK and Martin Luther King filled his little yard. The late artist won recognition during his last years. He was born 1903 in Floville GA.


Writer. novelist and journalist Bill Cutler who died 1988 created a memorial rose garden on Grady Place, West End, for photographer Edmund Marshall who died 1979. The small empty lot was filled with prizewinning antique roses. Now a house has been moved onto the lot and the roses moved to Cynthia Watt's property facing Queen St. Many of them are still there.

Ronnog Seaberg


As a little girl, driving into downtown from College Park, I would always admire the 6 or 7 big old Victorian Houses in Mechanicsville that were facing the freeway.  They stood directly across 75/85 from where the Ted is now.  What's weird is that they are now putting up tried-and-couldn't Victorians where the real thing once stood. 


Willena Moye



how about coffee:

the original version of Church Street Coffee (decatur)--yes, there's java monkey now, but it isn't the same!

and Kalo's at the corner of N. Decatur and Clairmont as well as the short-lived Sausalito Cafe on another corner of the same intersection (they had the most incredible hazelnut latte--totally over the top yummy!)

Cafe Diem

Ashtons (in decatur--already gone!)



the original location of Athens Pizza (some of my best childhood memories)

Mellow Mushroom in Avondale


the intersection of Memorial Dr and Columbia Dr:


Macy's (and then later the Macy's discount store--the best deals EVER!!!)



nothing noteworthy there now...but I don't think Wal-Mart is the answer!


Christy Petterson

The Freight Room in Decatur
Taste of New Orleans (corner of Monroe and Piedmont -- I *think* that was the
name, though I think it might've been Taste of Creole at one time too)
Gumbo a Go-Go (on Ponce and at Emory -- cheap and tasty)
Phil Oppenheim
Oz Records on Peachtree Street-replete witha yellow brick road and a wicked
ole'witch underneath a house in the middle of the record store.