the cloudmapping series



The 24 paintings in the Cloudmapping series begin as responses to a very basic question: from a set of givens, what next? What images emerge from the shapes I am seeing, and what story is latent in them? I begin with large chaotic fields of watercolor, and proceed through narrative implication and fine detail to the finished image. Craft is important to me here, as are the devotional process of miniature painting, and the fundamental act of making pictorial space. I think "illumination" is a term that makes sense in conjunction with this work, but in this case images precede the Word. In the beginning was the Image...

The 24 Cloudmapping paintings below form a nucleus for Unless & Until, a large scale text-image-music-performance-animation collaboration currently in progress with JS van Burkirk, James R. Carlson, and Matt Gilbert.

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volume one    
volume two        
volume three        
volume four